What style of stocking should I wear?


We have fit stockings for 1000’s of people for nearly every possible condition and we tend to recommend knee high stockings. If you have significant swelling or bad varicose veins in the thigh, a knee high stocking will not help those vessels. But, nearly all the really bad complications from chronic edema, severe venous insufficiency or varicose veins occur in the lower leg around the ankles. It is our experience that most people wear and love knee high stockings. While some people have no issues whatsoever with thigh high stockings, many do admit to some degree of difficulty and have more of a “tolerance” as opposed to love for wearing this length.

Knee high advantages: Comfort, ease of donning / removal, prevention of the most serious complications of chronic leg disease, and cost.

Fluid that accumulates in the leg usually does so because of gravity, the fluid is pulled down to the feet and ankles. When that occurs, the body has a more difficult time getting rid of the excess. The closer to the trunk the fluid is, the more efficient the body can operate to get rid of the excess. Therefore, preventing the accumulation in the lower leg is a first step towards helping the body excrete that fluid. However, if you have significant swelling or varicose veins in the thigh, then by all means, try a thigh high stocking. The relief you get is worth the effort.